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Content Moderation

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Filter toxic UGC by building custom text classifiers that understand your users' language, in context.

Generic content filtering services don't understand your policies or the pecularities of your users. With Humanloop you can quickly build your own datasets and deploy language AI customised to your users. We provide APIs to integrate your AI into existing moderator workflows, automating the clearest examples and learning from your staff when unsure.


  • Content filters that are tailored to your policies and your users' language
  • AI that works alongside your moderators and learns from them
  • Custom AI without an army of PhDs

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Contract Understanding

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Automatically extract information and insights from your contracts and automate the mundane tasks being done by expensive lawyers and paralegals.

Off the shelf tools like Kira and Luminence are hard to customise to your data and only solve a limited range of tasks. Humanloop makes building custom solutions far easier by reducing the need for large labelled datasets and armies of specialist engineers. By integrating Humanloop, you can make custom AI a genuine competitive advantage.


  • Train models specialised on your contracts
  • Automate the extraction of dates and key clauses
  • Free up time for lawyers to focus on the highest value tasks

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Customer Service Automation

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Provide better customer experiences at lower cost by augmenting your sales agents with language AI that understands your customers.

The potential applications of AI to customer service are vast. You can automate support ticket routing, pre-select responses or gain insight into what your customers are saying. Off the shelf solutions will never work as well on your own data as a custom build. Humanloop makes it easy to rapidly train your own AI models and have them support your customer service reps.


  • Service your customers, faster and better with the combination of humans and AI
  • Custom AI that understands your customers and service
  • Free up your CSRs to focus on the human side of delighting your customers

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Social Media Monitoring

One of the most recognizable brands — Coca Cola. Teams are using Humanloop to understand what people are saying about your brand at scale.

Gain insights into what your customers are saying about you and anticipate future trends with your own AI that can read all of Twitter and summarise conclusions.

The vast volume of social media data makes it impossible for sales analysts to process. Building custom AI still requires having custom data sets. Humanloop makes it easy to quickly find the most relevant data and automatically categorise it, so that you know what your customers think in real time.


  • Extract real time insights from customer conversations
  • Use AI models that are specific to your brands and products
  • Update your models without any engineers

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