Introducing Humanloop Programmatic

Jordan Burgess
March 21, 2022

We’re delighted to offer early access to Humanloop Programmatic. A new kind of annotation tool that’s the fastest way to get annotated data for NLP.

Save time and cost by replacing manual labelling with rapid, programmatic labelling using Programmatic.

In working with hundreds of NLP teams over the last year, we've seen that getting annotated data is often the biggest bottleneck. Manual annotation is slow and expensive, and getting time from subject-matter experts can be difficult. As part of our mission is to solve this, we are making programmatic labelling accessible and practical.

With Programmatic, data scientists and machine learning engineers can label millions of datapoints in the time it would take to manually annotate hundreds.

It runs locally, keeping your data private.  You can explore your data with powerful search. And you can rapidly iterate on labelling functions to take best advantage of subject matter expertise.

You can export your labelled data to your machine learning pipeline or you can export to Humanloop to train a model and improve your dataset with active learning.

Here’s how Programmatic works

Here’s what users are saying about Programmatic:

To understand more about how Weak Labelling can be so powerful read **why I changed my mind about weak labelling for ML.

Programmatic is now  in early access and you can sign up for immediate access for FREE using the following form.

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