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Frequently asked questions
What is Humanloop?
Humanloop is the development platform for building AI-powered features and applications. It helps you collaborate with your prompt development with developers and non-developers in the prompt editor. It helps you manage your prompts with version control and deployment controls. And it helps your evaluate and improve your systems with actionable feedback to help you to build differentiated and scaleable AI products.
What counts as a log?
A log is a logged generation from an LLM that is stored and supplemented with additional metadata. This metadata can include user feedback, corrections, evaluation results and model details.
How does the free trial work?
When you sign up for your trial of Humanloop you'll have access to all features of your chosen plan. At any point during the trial you may choose to cancel your subscription without any charges from our side.
How long does it take to setup a working system?
It can take minutes to create a new AI endpoint from the playground. To set up an end-to-end system where your AI features in production are using all Humanloop features around logging and feedback collection may take a few hours. We have guides to help you get started quickly.
What is fine tuning?
Fine tuning is customising the model by further training on your own data. It can significantly improve performance.
Is my data secure?
Your data is encrypted, private to your account and never shared with third parties. Our platform is regularly penetration tested to ensure we meet the best security standards. Our enterprise plans offer additional dedicated cloud deployment options.
Can I export my data?
Yes, you can export all your data at any time.
Do I pay for OpenAI, Anthropic etc. separately?
Yes – you bring your own API key from the AI providers and pay for your usage with them separately. This means that you can use any custom terms you have with them and any fine tuned models created are accessible outside of Humanloop.
What data formats are supported?
JSON and CSV formats are supported for uploading data via the user interface or the API. See our documentation for further details.
Can I use my own model or other providers?
Our APIs and SDK allow you to use our tools with your own model provider where relevant. See our documentation for more details.
How can I get support?
We offer a shared Slack channel to our enterprise customers for round-the-clock support. For others, we offer email support at

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