Train and deploy NLP
in hours, not weeks

Everything you need to build AI that understands language.

Machine learning expertise not required.

Built by researchers from

University of Cambridge
Google AI

Trusted by teams across industries

Humanloop powers the AI in healthcare, legal services, customer support and more.

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Automate text-based tasks

Humanloop lets you quickly train state-of-the-art models that understand language, with much less labelled data and no machine learning expertise.

Connect your data

Connect your data easily via file-upload or with our API.

Teach the model

Provide examples and our powerful pre-trained models will learn from you and your team.


Your model is hosted and ready to go. Start using alongside a human team and it will learn from them and improve.

10x fewer labels needed

Not all data are created equal. Most AI requires thousands of labelled examples to learn from. We use new research in active learning to select only the most informative examples.

You can label in-house, control the quality and deeply understand your data like the best companies.

Integrates with the apps you already use

Humanloop's active learning platform integrates with Zapier allowing you to now use AI in the workflows of apps you already use.

  • Integrates with over 3,000 apps
  • Automate tasks in word, excel, slack or more
  • Get predictions from your model inside other apps

Uncertain, so you can be confident

Most ML models are too confident – even when wrong. Humanloop's know what they don't know and when to back off to a human. You can have confidence in your deployment.

“Humanloop is leading a paradigm shift in machine learning and AI”

David Barber
Director of the UCL AI Centre

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