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An end-to-end solution for data annotation, model training and deployment built on world-class AI research

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Built by researchers from

University of Cambridge
Google AI

Trusted by the some of the world's leading companies.

Humanloop augments the humans at some of the world's best companies in healthcare, legal services, customer support and more.


State of the art NLP in a matter of clicks

With Humanloop, machine teaching is 10x quicker, maybe even fun, and we'll give you an API to your model so you can use it straight away.

Connect your data sources

Drag and drop a CSV file or integrate with your data sources in minutes.

Annotate with AI assistance

Simply label the data with the output you want and it will train a NLP model to do the same.

A cloud-hosted model

Download your data and the model predictions, or use the model directly with our powerful API.

10x fewer labels needed

Not all data are created equal. We use new research in Bayesian deep learning to select only the most informative data to label.

You can label in-house, control the quality and deeply understand your data like the best companies.

Snorkel weak supervision
SpaCy models
Flair models from Zalando
Huggingface transformers

Cold starts, warmed up

Distill your expertise. Humanloop uses theoretically grounded research meaning you're not waiting on enough labels to get started.

  • Add your own heuristics and rules to speed up labelling
  • Powerful search to focus your labelling efforts
  • Powerful pretrained models from the forefront of NLP research

Integrates with the apps you already use

Humanloop's integrated Natural Language Processing for Zapier allows you to use our Active Learning platform right from the apps you already use.

  • Integrates with over 3,000 apps
  • Send data points to Humanloop from your existing apps
  • Get predictions from your model inside other apps

Uncertain, so you can be confident

Most ML models are too confident – even when wrong. Humanloop's know what they don't know and when to back off to a human. You can have confidence in your deployment.

“Humanloop is leading a paradigm shift in machine learning and AI”

David Barber
Director of the UCL AI Centre

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