Athena scales AI across its organization with Humanloop

Athena is the leading provider of outsourced Executive Assistants (EAs). They recognized the opportunity of AI to augment their EAs and use Humanloop to allow them to offer a superior service to thousands of companies and individuals.


Athena needed a developer platform to quickly automate workflows with LLMs

Athena was looking to automate its workflows - both internal and customer-facing - with LLMs. Their workflows were extremely diverse and they couldn’t find an automation platform that they could buy off the shelf. Instead they wanted an AI development environment that would let them create their own customised automations quickly.

The ideal platform had to:

  • Feature an LLM sandbox compatible with various model providers (like OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere)
  • Support token streaming
  • Securely archive all LLM-associated data
  • Facilitate smooth API integrations and user-friendly operation
  • Excel in scalability
“When I came to Humanloop, I was looking for a platform that would let me prototype quickly, was model agnostic but also had developer APIs so I could scale from prototype workflows to production applications. The reason I chose Humanloop was how well integrated the solution was.”
Nathan Labenz
Nathan Labenz
AI lead at Athena

The team considered several alternatives but other LLM developer platforms did not seem to be as comprehensive or as well integrated as Humanloop.


Humanloop’s infrastructure helped scale LLMs across Athena

Athena leveraged the Humanloop platform to integrate LLMs across their organization and quickly move automations from prototype to production at scale. The team uses Humanloop to prompt LLMs, prototype rapidly and design complex workflow automation across APIs.

For example, Athena’s team has automated the process of matching clients and Executive Assistants. They use LLMs to assess every possible match allowing the team to focus their time and attention on the matches the AI deemed most suitable.

Today Athena has a library of ready-to-use prompts and more complex automation tasks that its team can build on and easily adapt as needed.

In the process Humanloop has become a rich system of record for Athena’s LLM related data like model inputs, model generations and related metadata. Because Athena has all its data in one central place, the team feels confident that they can continuously improve its LLM applications.

Athena matching and training tool
Athena’s team has automated the process matching clients and EAs.
Athena built chat tool
Athena started with the Playground and gradually extended into building their own apps for specialised workflow automation over time.

An AI-empowered organization

Humanloop has helped Athena implement AI and LLMs at an unprecedented speed at scale. Over 1,000 team members at Athena now effectively leverage LLMs both internally and with their customer. In just a matter of months its team has created 100s of LLM powered automations with more being created every day allowing Athena to deliver a superior service to their customers at an improved cost base.

“Humanloop was instrumental in rolling out AI across our organization and we’ve seen huge productivity gains as a result. The platform helped us scale something that was previously not scalable.”
Nathan Labenz
Nathan Labenz
AI lead at Athena

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