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Our mission is to make programming so intuitive that automating tasks becomes as natural as teaching a colleague.

Machine learning and AI represent a new paradigm and it requires a new approach. We're starting with tools that makes it easy to rapidly annotate data, train and deploy natural language processing (NLP) models with humans in the loop.

Every company could benefit from software that better understands language but building NLP systems today requires specialist expertise and unreasonable amounts of human annotated data.

We're building the future in which AI gives people the ability to achieve things that today can only be done by a tiny group of specialists.

The true impact of Artificial Intelligence is far from being realised.

Meet the team

Meet the team

Our team have previously worked on some of the largest AI projects at Google, Microsoft and Amazon. We're backed by some of the world's top investors including Index Ventures and Y Combinator.

  • Peter Hayes

    Peter Hayes

    Machine Learning PhD UCL, cofounded Certua
  • David Barber

    David Barber

    Head of UCL's AI Center, cofounded Re:infer
  • Jordan Burgess

    Jordan Burgess

    Amazon Alexa Research, ML MPhil @ Cambridge and CS @ MIT
  • Raza Habib

    Raza Habib

    Machine Learning PhD UCL
  • Emine Yilmaz

    Emine Yilmaz

    Professor at UCL, Turing Fellow, Scientific Consultant
  • Tom Keefe

    Tom Keefe

    MMath @ York, engineering @ Eigen Technologies and JustEat

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We believe that the real reason we'll succeed though is because we're committed to learning and growing as quickly as possible. We know there's lots we don't know. What we're doing is fundamentally new and will require overcoming many hurdles. This excites us. If this excites you, join us.
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