Develop AI features with confidence

Find, manage and measure prompts for LLMs
Seamless collaboration across teams
Enterprise-grade evaluations and monitoring
The emerging LLM tech stack

LLMs are a new computing platform

A first-principles tech stack built for AI.

Large language models are transforming software and industries but they can be hard to control, make reliable and pair with your private data.

Humanloop is the first platform that combines software best practices with the needs of LLMs. Empowering your team to build AI systems to be both reliable and performant with a cohesive platform that works better than isolated solutions.

Collaborative prompt workspace
Iterate on prompts with your whole team on Humanloop Playground
Evaluation + monitoring suite
Debug prompts, chains or agents before shipping to production
Customization + optimization tools
Connect private data and fine-tune for differentiated model performance

Building with AI is a team effort.
You're wasting time with bad workflows.

Sound familiar?
Copy-pasting prompts between OpenAI and code
Prompts managed in spreadsheets
High effort manual evaluation and workflows
Changes causing performance regressions
Humanloop solves this
Collaborative playground with history
Prompt management and deployment controls
Backtest changes and confidently update models
Capture feedback and run quantitative experiments

Built for Developers

The complete developer toolkit for productionizing your LLM features.

Generations from your LLMs, chains, and agents are easily logged with any associated feedback enabling you to evaluate, improve and deploy to production faster.

OpenAI icon
All the models. Works with OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere and your own models.
Evaluation. Manage test data, define your own metrics and integrate into your CI/CD workflows.
Collaboration. Enable domain experts to contribute to prompt engineering β€” all version controlled.
pip install humanloop
Python SDK
TypeScript SDK
1from humanloop import Humanloop
3humanloop = Humanloop(
4    api_key="HUMANLOOP_API_KEY",
5    openai_api_key="OPENAI_API_KEY",
8response = humanloop.complete(
9    project="sdk-example",
10    model_config={
11      "model": "gpt-4",
12      "prompt_template": "Write a joke about {{topic}}",
13    },
14    inputs={"topic": "stochastic parrots"}
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Humanloop enables AI for the enterprise

Adopt AI throughout your organization safely and securely with Humanloop's collaborative platform.
Data Privacy and Security
Activate LLMs with your private data, safely and securely. You own your data and models.
Fast support
End-to-end monitoring of your AI applications, support guarantees from trusted AI experts.
Shared learnings across your org
Adopt best practices and share learnings throughout your organization.