Humanloop is SOC 2 Type II certified

Raza Habib

We are delighted to announce that Humanloop has achieved SOC 2 Type 2 compliance. This reinforces our commitment to your data security and privacy.

SOC 2 is a standard trusted by industry leaders and a requirement for enterprises engaging with software providers. It evaluates an organization’s information security practices, ensuring that controls are prompt and effective, and that data is kept secure and confidential.

Unlike our Type I certification, which assessed our policies and procedures at a single point in time, Type II demands a rigorous, in-depth audit of how these controls are implemented and maintained over a period, typically at least six months.

We are pleased to have been audited by Insight Assurance, the same third-party security team responsible for vetting OpenAI.

Additionally, thank you to our partner Vanta for their support in helping us achieve this milestone and for ensuring that our controls continue to be effective.

“At Vanta, we’ve seen the critical role of SOC 2 compliance in forging partnerships between enterprises and SaaS providers. We’re delighted to collaborate with Humanloop to achieve attestation. Their commitment to meeting these standards allows us to explore their advanced AI solutions to enhance our own operations.”
Chase Lee
Chase Lee
VP Product at Vanta

To view our SOC 2 Type II report or more information on our security policies, please view our Trust Center or alternatively contact us at

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Raza Habib
Cofounder and CEO
Raza is the CEO and Cofounder at Humanloop. He was inspired to work on AI as “the most transformative technology in our lifetimes” after studying under Prof David Mackay while doing Physics at Cambridge. Raza was the founding engineer of Monolith AI – applying AI to mechanical engineering, and has built speech systems at Google AI. He has a PhD in Machine Learning from UCL.