Invite collaborators

How to invite collaborators to your Humanloop organization.

Inviting people to your organization allows them to interact with your Humanloop projects:

  • Teammates will be able to create new model configs and experiments
  • Developers will be able to get an API key to interact with projects through the SDK
  • Annotators may provide feedback on logged datapoints using the Data tab (in addition to feedback captured from your end-users via the SDK feedback integration)

Invite Users

To invite users to your organization:

Go to your organization’s Members page

Enter the email address

Enter the emial of the person you wish to invite into the Invite members box.

Click Send invite.

An email will be sent to the entered email address, inviting them to the organization. If the entered email address is not already a Humanloop user, they will be prompted to create an account before being added to the organization.

🎉 Once they create an account, they can view your projects at the same URL to begin collaborating.