Coming soon: Humanloop for LLMs

Jordan Burgess

Today, we are announcing the preview of Humanloop for Large Language Models (LLMs). Sign up to be part of the closed beta.

How to Improve GPT‑3 with Human Feedback

Jordan Burgess

Fine-tuning GPT‑3 can make it faster, cheaper and more accurate. Humanloop makes it dramatically easier to do this, while aligning the model with the preferences of your users.

Why you need to calculate error bounds on your test metrics

Raza Habib

Machine learning test metrics should always be calculated with credible intervals. Credible intervals give you upper and lower bounds on test performance so you know how big your test needs to be and when to trust your models. Humanloop Active Testing can give you uncertainty bounds on your test metrics and makes this easy.

What is human-in-the-loop AI?

Jordan Burgess

Human-in-the-loop AI is an automation approach which means you can quickly deploy a working model, with less data and with guaranteed quality predictions. In this post we'll explain what HITL is and how you can make use of this approach in your own AI projects.

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